Welcome to the Bitcoin Spot!
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Welcome to the Bitcoin Spot! We are a physical storefront for crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. We currently feature a bitcoin ATM for anyone to use. It is a BitAccess machine (which is one of the easier ones to use. . .). The current fee of the machine is 10% to buy and 7% to sell. It can handle up to $3000 per person per day. We also provide support if you need help with the ATM (or even help with understanding what bitcoin even is). Our store is located in a safe part of the "trendy "NoHo" district of North Hollywood.

How do I buy bitcoins?
(quick summary)

For a fuller explanation read "How to buy bitcoins"

How do I buy ethereum?
(quick summary)

  1. Use Coinbase
  2. If privacy is a concern (or if you simply have bitcoins to trade), convert your bitcoins using ShapeShift . Shapeshift allows you to convert between any two crypto-currencies (ie: bitcoins to ether).

For a fuller explanation read "How to buy bitcoins"

What bitcoin wallet app should I use?
(quick summary)

Read our "What bitcoin wallet should I use" mini-article for a fuller explanation.

Also, if you are new to bitcoin, come by our store and we can set up your wallet and show you the basics.

How to buy bitcoins
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Send bitcoins straight to our BTM!
You can start the process at cash.bitaccess.co! Find a BTM location near you (ours is in North Hollywood), send bitcoin from your phone to the BTM remotely and skip the wait. By the time you get to the store, the cash will be ready and reserved for you. No annoying waits for ID verification and confirmation times!

The Bitcoin Spot
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